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Sing-a-long with afda

afda Submarine

Posted to %afda by Meg on 17th February 2000


In the town where I was born
lived a man who surfed the net.
And he told us of his life
in that froody froup af-da.

So I sailed onto usenet
and I found that froup indeed.
And I spend all of my time
in an afda submarine.

We all post in an afda submarine,
afda submarine, afda submarine!
We all post an an afda submarine,
an afda submarine!

And our friends are never bored,
spending all their time inside of doors.
And the band begins to play..
[spiffy musical bit]


And we post with lots of ease,
cause this froup has all that we could need.
Words of black, and bright white screen,
in our afda submarine!



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