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Book at Bedtime — And Another Thing...

BBC Radio 4 2009

Eoin Colfer's sequel to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.
Read by Stephen Mangan, with Peter Serafinowicz.
Abridged by Penny Leicester.

  1. There is very nearly tea and biscuits
  2. An old friend appears
  3. A deal is struck and there is some bad Vogon poetry
  4. A far-off planetoid is in need of a presiding god, as are some hitchhikers
  5. An immortal challenge must be faced
  6. The dangers of posting videos on the Sub-Etha
  7. Discovering the importance of the Cheese
  8. An immortal battle is waged
  9. More fighting, but thankfully no Vogon poetry
  10. We come to an end


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