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Sing-a-long with afda

Afdanian Rhapsody

Written by Bucko, Orion, kristen and iain in #afda on 9th March 2000


This ain't the real life
This is just fantasy
Caught in a cascade
To hide from reality

Open your eyes
Look into the froup and see
I'm just a dull boy
I don't get out enough
Because I'm easy read, easy post
Lots of time, lots of posts

Keyboard where the mouth goes
Doen't really matter
To me, to meee

Just killfiled you
Pulled the message menu down
Clicked on killfile now you're gone

Your time had just begun
But now I've gone and caused it all to end

Didn't mean to make you cry
if you're still sane again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on
'cos nothing really matters, to me

Too late
Your time has come
Sent flames along the line
My eyes are aching all the time

rehi, everybody
I'm back, you know
couldn't leave you all behind
I missed the froup

Hi to you all
I don't wanna stop
I sometimes wish I never delurked at all


I see a little signature of a froupie
Scaramoosh scaramosh it's anothe damn typo
Crossposts and typos
Very very frighting me

Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams
Douglas Adams
Let me post


I'm a cascade cop
Nobody loves me
He's a cascade cop
From a cop family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity

Easy read, easy post
Will you let me post

This is crap, NO! We will not let you post!
Let me post!
This is crap, we will not let you post!
Let me post!
this is crap, Will not let you post!
Let me post!
Will not let you post!
Let me post!
Will not let you post!
Let me go...
No no no no no no no!

afda, afda
afda let me post!

Iain has a bio put aside for me
For me
For meee

So you think I'll be stopped with a mere killfile?
So you think you can quote me and push me aside?

Oh, Jacob
Can't steal the froup, Jacob
Just can't give up
Just can't give up coming here

Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters
To meee

Any way the froup posts...


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