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Nicholas Avenell

Place to track you down and kill you:Wherever I lay my hat... Currently I'm drfting between home in Kent, and Uni in Sunderland.
Occupation:Student and part time geek
Sex (yeah, yeah, ha ha!):*blink*blink* (resists joke) Male.
Marital status:Free agent
Are you left- or right- handed?right
How tall are you?5' 11" / 180.3 cm
Webpage title:Aquarionics
Webpage url:
ICQ number:20670955
IRC nick(s):Aquarion, Jascain, Aq2, Salohcin
DNA fan since:1989ish
Hobbies/interests/what you do to pass time:Compute, Post, Linux, Play Games.
Philosophy on life/what's your purpose here:There is no argument worth losing a friend over.
Preferred shoe-lace tying method:Double-Bow
Zapper or non-zapper?non-zapper
Do you have a life? (if not, Meg's the one to ask - she's got plenty)Not yet, but I'm saving up
Shampoo:Wash & Go
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?Nope.
Favourite colour:Blue
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?Nope
Are you, or are you not, iain?Yes.
Words or phrases you overuse:*blink*blink*, "Blue Sparkles", ...Anyway...,
What's your bed time?'bout Midnight
Most humiliating moment:Being on stage, alone, for 15 minutes, with no preperation, and being told to "Entertain them".
I remember trying to get them to sing rounds, then it's all a blur...
Pets:1 Bearded Collie, Jasper
Craziest or silliest person you know:Person by the name of Kate Vinyard.
Favourite food:Peking Duck
Favourite drink:John Smiths
Favourite quote (DNA or not):"There is an art, or rather a nack to flying..."
Favourite book (DNA or not):Good Omens, Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaimon
Are you also a Terry Pratchett fan?Yes, AFP Wallpaper.
Favourite music:Divine Comedy,
Favourite TV program:Muppet Show
Favourite movie:None really, Possibly The Truman Show
Floor 42 trivia test score:Not Yet
Froup rating:4/6 ------------
IRC rating:2/6 ------
Yours in total sincerity
Updated 2000/11/18


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