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Shanoah Sage Alkire

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Alias:Arcum Dagsson
Place to track you down and kill you:Look for me in Las Vegas. If you can't find me, go after one of the guys with the loud hawaiian shirts, and a camera around their neck. No one ever misses them...
Occupation:Moving my fingers over a keyboard in occasionally meaningful ways, and answering mindless questions repetitively the point of insanity
Sex (yeah, yeah, ha ha!):Male, to the best of my knowledge
Marital status:None
Birthday:April 14, 1978
Are you left- or right- handed?left
How tall are you?6'0.5" / 184.2 cm
Webpage title:Arcum's Page O' 404 errors
Webpage url:
DNA fan since:Since I first read the HHG, a number of years ago...
Link to your first post to afda on Google Froups:href="">
Hobbies/interests/what you do to pass time:
  • Mess with the computer/program
  • Play Angband / adventure games
  • Watch anime
  • read afda/books/graphic novels/fanfiction
  • listen to music

Do you play any musical instruments?Not, play, as such, though there are certain ones I distinctly don't play...
Philosophy on life/what's your purpose here:Varies day to day, along with religion and other interesting things...
Preferred shoe-lace tying method:Generally taking them off without untying them, and later having to untie them, put them on, and retie them...
Zapper or non-zapper?42
Do you have a life? (if not, Meg's the one to ask - she's got plenty)Well, I paid a mana point for one a while back. Wonder if I still have it around?
Shampoo:Bie Liao
Favourite colour:Hooloovoo
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?No
Are you, or are you not, iain?I deny confirming that I denied being iain.
Words or phrases you overuse:
  • smeg
  • the b word
  • like
  • y'know (bad habit from living in CA most of my life)
  • quite quite mad
  • basically
  • very very dangerous
  • other double repetitions

What's your bed time?10:30 pm on weekdays, for work. Varies from 10:30 pm to 5 am on weekends...
Pets:Well, I have one home-built computer (AMD 1700 w/ 330 GB hd space), an i-book w/ a flaky motherboard, an e-machine motherboard laying around(333 Mhz Cyrix MII MMX), a Mac clone(240 Mhz 604e), and a *really* old(33Mhz 68LC040!) 68K mac I got for free, plus an extra non-functional Mac. No pets, though...
Craziest or silliest person you know:Hard to say. There's afda, a group of people I role-play with, a few people out in CA I know, a few other eccentrics I hang out with, and of course, myself.
Favourite food:chocolate manhole covers
Favourite drink:Tea (Chai, Earl Gray, Orange Spice, Good Earth, etc...)
Favourite quote (DNA or not):Flip open any Discworld book to a random page. Theres sure to be one within the first few pages...
Favourite book (DNA or not):Should be favorite books (for me, at least)...
In no particular order:
  • Simon Green's "Blue Moon Rising"/Hawk & Fisher novels
  • Much as I hate to follow trends, The Harry Potter books
  • Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" series
  • L.E. Modisitt, Jr's Recluce series
  • The HHG "trilogy"
  • Discworld series
  • The Chronicles of Amber (1+2)
  • The Wonderland Gambit trilogy
  • The Bardic Voices series
  • Larry Nivens Known Space series (and other stories)
  • The Wizardry Compiled series
  • Bedlam Boyz / The Knight of Shadows / Summoned to Tourney
  • The Bill the Galactic Hero series
  • The Stainless Steel Rat series
  • The 4 Lords of the Diamond
  • The Cinaverse Cycle
  • The Incarnations of Immortality series
  • The Darkover series
  • The Warlock in Spite of Himself (+ series, to some extent)
  • The "A Wizard In Rhyme" series
  • The Darwath series
  • Most of the Myth series
  • And others I've doubtlessly forgotten to include...

Did I mention reading is one of my hobbies? I'm a quite fast reader...
Are you also a Terry Pratchett fan?Yes.
Favourite music:Varies from Phil Collins / Beatles / Supertramp / Beth Hart / "Crosby/Stills/Nash", to Wierd Al / Doctor Demento, to TMBG, to Loreena McKennitt/Altan/Clannad/Capercaillie (celtic), with occassional others along the way...

Favorite song, now, varies between "Wonderful"(EverClear), "The LA song" (Beth Hart), "Put your hands in the puppethead"(TMBG), and "Beautiful Stranger"(Madonna), among others
Favourite TV program:Red Dwarf
Favourite movie:a tossup between The Princess Bride, and Terminator 2, with Austin Powers added into the mix
Floor 42 trivia test score:76
Froup rating:0/6
Updated 2004/12/17


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