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Grunthos the Flatulent

Martin Strauss
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what do you use your third arm for?

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Alias:Martin Strauss
Place to track you down and kill you:In front of the computer, swearing and wondering why on earth people can play Q3 with invert mouse on
Sex (yeah, yeah, ha ha!):it's a boy!
Marital status:no (applications to change this welcome)
Birthday:jeez, let me see... that'd be July...
Are you left- or right- handed?what's the opposite of ambidextrous? unco with both hands (slightly less with the right)
How tall are you?183 cm / 6' 0.0"
Webpage title:Martin's Sick and Twisted Mind
Webpage url:
ICQ number:36445942
IRC nick(s):grunthos, juniormonkey, junior
DNA fan since:long ago. I read TRATEOTU before THHGTTG, so nothing made sense at first...
Link to your first post to afda on Google Froups:it's here!
Hobbies/interests/what you do to pass time:I like to try to hack into government computers; that usually fails, so I hack into friends' instead. I've been trying to retrieve the root password for my linux box for months now - any help would be appreciated -
Do you play any musical instruments?yes.
Philosophy on life/what's your purpose here:42 - no, that doesn't work
Preferred shoe-lace tying method:I'm open to suggestions
Zapper or non-zapper?oh, zapper, definitely. (huh?)
Do you have a life? (if not, Meg's the one to ask - she's got plenty)sorry, a what?
Shampoo:no hair
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?can I take the fourth amendment?
Favourite colour:blue- no, yello-AAAAARGH!!!!!!!
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?not yet
Are you, or are you not, iain?I demand that I may or may not be anybody I choose (including iain)
Words or phrases you overuse:uhuh
What's your bed time?whenever my isp session limit ends
Most humiliating moment:getting floored by my best friend while we were demonstrating punches to each other
Pets:one cat
Craziest or silliest person you know:my reflection in the mirror
Favourite food:pizza! (as long as it's not Pizza Hut gngngngn)
Favourite drink:Vanilla Coke
Favourite quote (DNA or not):"Hells bells!!" roared the tank, as it plummetted... (Life, the Universe & Everything)
Favourite book (DNA or not):Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Are you also a Terry Pratchett fan?I started reading them a few weeks ago, and since then i've read about 6 or 7, and i'm still going... love them
Favourite music:Classical
Favourite TV program:Monty Python's Flying Circus
Favourite movie:The Matrix
Floor 42 trivia test score:the test isn't available...gngngngngn
Froup rating:5/6 ---------------
IRC rating:2/6 ------
Updated 2003/05/13


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