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Tim Allen

Place to track you down and kill you:You want an ICBM address? No way - you're gonna have to nuke all of Sydney, Australia to kill me!
Occupation:Nerdy programmer
Sex (yeah, yeah, ha ha!):Like an RS-232 socket: male
Marital status:Still single. Applications for the modification of this status welcome.
Birthday:My birthday, by coincidence. June, 1980
Are you left- or right- handed?Right handed, as All Good Folk are.
How tall are you?5'7" / 170.2 cm
IRC nick(s):Screwtape
DNA fan since:I read the first book. When I was a small child.
Philosophy on life/what's your purpose here:I think my purpose in life is mainly to be nice to people, a task I sometimes deliberately foul up. :)

So I'm going to get very meta and say the meaning to life is to discover the meaning to life. :)
Preferred shoe-lace tying method:I tie a knot first, then make a loop out of one side and do a complicated thing with it which I can't describe. It took me ages to learn, though, and when I'd got it I spent ages tying and untying my shoes.
Zapper or non-zapper?Nobody has yet given me a decent description of either alternative.
Do you have a life? (if not, Meg's the one to ask - she's got plenty)Not yet. It's on my list, but way down.
Shampoo:Yes. Often.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?No. I was invited once, but the person who invited me was (a) the girlfriend of a froupie, and (b) on the other side of the world, so what's the point?
Favourite colour:That colour that everything looks mere nanoseconds before you pass out. Not that I've ever passed out.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?No. Didn't I say I'm boring?
Words or phrases you overuse:Expressions of interest and exclamation, mostly. "damn!" "hot damn!" "freeeow!" "yeah!"

Oh, and "Charles, THWAP!". I have to say that far too often.
What's your bed time?I should go to bed by 11:00PM to maintain my eight hours. 1:00AM is more usual. :(
Most humiliating moment:I honestly can't think of one. Tellya what - if I do think of one, I'll post you an update.
Pets:None. Not even a pet rock or tamagotchi. I can't even keep my zangband characters alive.
Craziest or silliest person you know:One David Carrington. But nobody here knows him.
Favourite food:I'd have to put my vote in for rice pudding. But not income tax.
Favourite drink:Apple juice I think is right up there - but I'm not thinking to good right now. I hate beer.
Favourite quote (DNA or not):"Ano koudai tokage wa Toukyou o marobasu yo! Aieeeee!"

It was a close call between that and a Triangle and Robert quote, but I think the Japanese wins.
Favourite book (DNA or not):So far, it would have to be Lord of the Rings.
Favourite music:Ah, so many kinds. Favourite so far is Pink Floyd and Supertramp.
Favourite TV program:M*A*S*H. But only because that's the only TV I ever watch.
Favourite movie:The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, whenever it comes out... :)
Froup rating:0/6
IRC rating:6/6 ------------------
Updated 2008/06/04


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