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Sing-a-long with afda

A Christmas Poem
Posted to %afda by Roy on 24th December 2000

Wow its Christmas Eve!
And all through the froup,
Not a poster was stirring, not even POTU.
The threads are all hung on the Xnewsreader with Kaare,
In hopes that the True Reply, soon would be there.

The froupies were nestled all snug in Jacob's head,
All hoping they wouldnt fall out and get lost in his bed.
And Meow in her Ketchup and I in my Frap,
Had just settled in for a good winter slap.

When out on the Web there, A rose, then a ladder,
I hit my reply to see what was the matter.
Away to the Windows I loaded up Flash,
Tore open the attached and hoped it didnt crash.

The bandwidth that fled to a newly formed site,
Gave the people relief cause the money was tight.
And what to my wandering eyes did appear?
But a miniature box and 8 tiny spamdear.

And my video driver so fast and so quick
Decided to crash, I knew it was a trick.
It was just as I'd feared, the blue screen it came
"Illegal Operation" and what it could blame.

"Now Arcum, and Amro, Now Other and Orion,
On Nikitta, on Kasatka, on Caleb and iain,
To the top of the froup, to the top of the Web,
Now Post away post away post away all!"

I kicked my machine as hard as I could
And it came back up faster than I thought it would
So back to the froup-top (wtf's a courser?) it flew
With a thread full of Messages, The True Reply, too!

And then I heard it come through my speakers
All the rats from the footnotes the dirty squeekers
With repellent in hand I was turning around,
When down the News thread came the True Reply with a _._

When I told him I didnt think he existed,
He called me an øverfræk and simply dissmissed it.
The Reply then started moving around
Spreading all his messages without a sound.

And when he was done the froup was a mess,
Because the footnote nappers had been there I guess
And had cleaned the place out before he could twinkle
And the Reply turned to me with a pickle.

I looked at him and started to salivate
Because at dinner i had not cleaned my plate
So he gave me the pickle and then turned around
And left the thread without making a sound

He sprang to his Flash animation and started to fade
But before he could he looked not afraid
As he said Happy Eksmas to all, and all Post a good sight

I dont think alot of that made much sense but it is 3:15 am and I really should be sleeping right now... perhaps this is all just a dream...


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