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Sing-a-long with afda

Santa Claus Is Legally Insane

Posted to %afda by a bored Meg on 16th December 1999


You better not spam
You better not cry
You better not be a doodoo-head
I'm tellin' you why
Santa Claus is in a pissy mood!

He sees you when your posting
He knows when you're a jerk
He knows if you've not been a Frood
So be good for zarking sakes!

He's makin' a list
And checkin' it twice
Gonna find out who's a Belgi*ming turd
Santa Claus is trackin' you down!

He's sees you when you're in the shower
He knows when you are drunk
He knows if you've been bad or worse
And he's packin' a semi-automatic!

You better not whine
You better not troll
You better leave out some decent cookies
I'm tellin' you why
Santa Claus is legally insane!


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