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Cooking with afda


Posted to %afda by Janice on 19th December 2000

> Caleb - wanting to eat some cookie dough, now that janice mentioned it.

The dough was good. The cookies are good. The recipe is easy. Sooo... Share and Enjoy! =p

  1 package (21½ ounces) fudge brownie mix
  1/3 cup vegetable oil
  2 eggs
  1/2 cup white chocolate chips2

The first Thing to Do:

Turn on teh oven. This is Important. Make sure it's turned up to 350 degrees3.

The second Thing to Do:

Throw all the ingredients in a bowl4 ekcept the chips. Stir. Stir. Stir. Stir. Stir. Stir. Etc.
Don't stop stirring until all the brownie mix is happily mingling with the vegetable oil and eggs5.

The third Thing to Do:

Add teh chips. By this time the dough will be very Thick. At this point it is allowable to use your hands to mix in teh chips6. Mix. Mix. Mix.8 Mix Mix. Etc.

The fourth Thing to Do:

Scoop out about a spoonful of cookie dough. Plop it down on a cookie sheet. Make sure the cookie dough lumps are not too close together. Seperating baked cookies that have melded together is not Fun.

The fifth Thing to Do:

Stick the cookie sheet in teh oven. Set the timer for somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes.9

The sixth Thing to Do:

Pull the cookiesheet out of teh oven. But get a cookiesheet holder first.

The seventh Thing to Do:

And on the seventh Thing, the Cookie Maker did rest and eat His/Her cookies.



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1) This is just very weird to say/type, because IRL Kasatka is Kim, and she talked about Kasatka the killer whale sometimes, and when I see the name Kasatka online it's usually her nick and not the whale Kasatka and I just get confused! Er, confuzzled. Sorry.

2) I don't normally like white chocolate, but the white chocolate chips seem to get along rather well with teh chocolate cookie. Be warned though: white chocolate chips + chocolate cookie = very very sweet piece of food. o_O Substituting nuts for chips is okay.

3) That'd be Fahrenheit.

4) It's usually best to throw in just the inside part of the egg. Unless you like your cookies crunchy.

5) In other words: Stir till there ain't no powder left.

6) It's always best to wash your hands at this point7

7) Unless, of course, you want all the cookies to yourself.

8) My apologies to TCTATLA! Saying "miks" might be too confuzzling, though. Which Caleb probably wouldn't mind. =p

9) It's always safer to set teh timer for a time in the lower part of teh 8 to 12 minute range... It's easy to stick a cookie back in for a minute or two if it isn't done yet, but I have not yet discovered a way to unburn a cookie.