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Once upon a time, there was a newsgroup.

And in that newsgroup lived people.

One day, one person declared "From this point on, we shall have a FAQ!"

And so it was. Generation to generation, this FAQ was passed down.

Now, in the year of Bob 2000, one incredibly brilliant, creative, possibly genius[1] volunteered to take over the FAQing responsibilities. He, a mere apprentice compared to the two old fogeys[2] he was working with on the FAQ, put it up at

And it was good!

And in that FAQ there is a Passage, and that passage is...

Damn. I write all this shit, then I can't find the bit in the faq where it answers your question.

Nevermind then.

And then, it did come to pass that Ben seemingly disappeared, and he did take his site with him.

But this did make many people sad, particularly those who sought answers to the deep questions contained with the hallowed pages of the FAQ.

And so it did come to pass that iain said unto himself, "I shall mirror the FAQ, that the answers may still be found; and I shall seek out Ben.". And he did so.

But he did not wish to spend great time upon the FAQ, for he hoped that Ben would return. Hence, the mirror is old and dirty. But iain spake again, saying "We apologise for the inconvenience".

One dirty mirror


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* Or not.
** Just kidding, Greg. You aren't much of a fogey either, Owen. What's up with that?