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In order to try keeping the FAQ more up-to-date, and so it doesn't require a complete overhaul every time something new gets added (which it didn't anyway, but it felt like it did), this is a new page containing, erm, new stuff. Fairly self-explanatory really, so quite why I bothered to write this introductory little paragraph I'm not sure.

New news (preferably confirmed news rather than rumours) will get placed here first, hopefully quite soon after it becomes news, before which time it will have merely been a future event. Just don't get me muddled with tenses, I'm confused enough as it is. Once something on this page becomes slightly less new news, it will (hopefully) be moved into the 'full' FAQ.

I'll shut up now and get on with it.

2/12/2000 -- I, Ben Brockert, have taken over the FAQ hosting and webizing from the immortal Stuart Bruce. So, all the counters have been reset (from close to 80000 to 0 in one day... wow) and I'm going over the FAQ to see what needs work. So far, I found a little recursive loop, so that's fixed now. I also went over the whole thing, killing a few tyops and fixing some date related stuff that is now out of date. Next I combat frames.

3/4/2000 -- I changed the ZZ9 stuff to reflect their current web site. The ZZ9 blurb is a bit short, if someone would like to add to it, mail me.

3/21/2000 -- I've been running the pages through a HTML checker, so they should be seen the exact same way on all browsers and platforms.

10/26/2000 -- My ISP randomly decided to delete my website. So, it's here for the moment, shortly to be moved to

The official and 'real' Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy has finally been unearthed on the Web. It got quite a big promotion thanks to a big advertisement on the BBC TV show Tomorrow's World, and it seems to be blossoming quite nicely at the moment. It pretty much speaks for itself at

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