Section Y- The probably incomprehensible, definately incomplete, and utterly over-titled Douglas Adams Bibliography

This bibliography is primarily based towards British editions. There are also American editions which often differ by publisher, cover designs, and in some cases, content differences. To the best of my knowledge, all english editions comform to one of these two types. (eg, Australian publications are identical to the British in all aspects.)
Douglas Adams' work has also been translated into countless languages, and a collector might want to keep an eye out for different publications if they go abroad. Especially as there almost every translations seems to give each book brand new covers. The ZZ9 archives have copies of Guide novels from France, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine and Japan (this information dates to 1994 - there may be more copies now)
This bibliography, as previously stated, is primarily based towards British editions. However, all information found about foreign editions has been included, though the formats may remain inconsistent untill I've had more success translating some of the existing information.
The information in this bibliography is a compilation of a number of other bibliograpies (the majority of which seem to have dated from 1994 or so), as well as my own extensive personal collection. If any information, in any part is incorrect, please notify biblio-maintainer Owen Cameron <>.

To help keep the bibliography organised, there are some general sections it has been organised into. These are as follows:

Each section lists books in the following format:

[%t] title
[%a] author (where applicable)
[%z] comments regarding this book
[%p] publisher                          [%d] date    [%i] ISBN
[%c] comments regarding this publication

Also, you should be aware that:


[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1979    [%i] 0-330-25864-8
[%c] Early copies have an advert for the LP in the back
[%p] Pocket Books (US)                  [%d] ????    [%i] 0-671-52721-5
[%p] Weidenfield and Nicolson (h/b)     [%d] 1985    [%i]
[%c] This edition is listed in 'Books in Print', but noone seems to have
ever encountered it. Has anyone got a copy???
[%p] Pan (new cover p/b)                [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-330-25864-8
[%p] Isis (large print h/b)             [%d] 1988    [%i] 
[%p] Harmony (US h/b)                   [%d] 1989    [%i] 
[%c] A special '10th Anniversary' edition, with a new introduction by DA.
[%p] Heinemann Educational (h/b)        [%d] 1991    [%i] 
[%p] Millenium (h/b)                    [%d] 1994    [%i] 1-85798-201-0
[%p] Weidenfeld & Nicolson (h/b)        [%d] 1994    [%i] 0-297-83393-6
[%c] With the incredibly shiny cover, and infamous '42 Puzzle', better known
as 'The Illustrated Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

[%t] The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1980    [%i] 0-330-26213-0
[%c] Early copies have an advert for the second LP in the back.
[%p] Pocket Books (US)                  [%d] 1982    [%i] 0-671-53264-2 / 0-671-70160-6
[%p] Arthur Barker (h/b)                [%d] 1982    [%i]
[%p] Pan (new cover p/b)                [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-330-26213-0
[%p] Millenium (h/b)                    [%d] 1994    [%i] 1-85798-208-8

[%t] Life, the Universe and Everything
[%z] The US version has about three extra pages in the chapter about the
flying party, explaining why 'Belgium' is a rude word.  This is the version
included in the various US omnibi.
[%p] Arthur Barker (h/b)                [%d] 1982    [%i] 
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1982    [%i] 0-330-26738-8
[%p] Harmony (US h/b)                   [%d] 1982    [%i] 
[%p] Pocket Books (US p/b)              [%d] 1983    [%i] 0-671-60107-5
[%p] Pan (new cover p/b)                [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-330-26738-8
[%p] Millenium (h/b)                    [%d] 1994    [%i] 1-85798-209-6

[%t] So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish
[%p] Pan (h/b)                          [%d] 1984    [%i] 0-330-28498-3
[%c] Early copies are numbered (with a rather unexciting rubber stamp)
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1985    [%i] 0-330-28700-1
[%p] Pocket Books (US)                  [%d] ????    [%i] 0-671-52580-8
[%p] Pan (new cover h/b)                [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-330-28700-1

[%t] Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
[%p] Heinemann (h/b)                    [%d] 1987    [%i] 
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-330-30162-4
[%p] ????                               [%d] 1987?   [%i] 0-671-62582-9
[%t] The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul
[%p] Heinemann (h/b)                    [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-434-00921-0
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1989    [%i] 0-330-30955-2
[%p] Simon & Schuster (US h/b)          [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-671-62583-7
[%p] Chivers (large print h/b)          [%d] 1990    [%i] 

[%t] Mostly Harmless
[%p] Heinemann (h/b)                    [%d] 1992    [%i] 0-434-00926-1
[%p] Ballantine Books (US)              [%d] 1992    [%i] 0-245-38650-7
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1993    [%i] 0-330-32311-3
[%p] ISIS Large print Books (p/b)       [%d] 1994    [%i] 

[%t] Salmon of Doubt
This book was NOT published in 1996 by Hutchinson.
In fact, this book, to date, has NEVER been published. By anyone.
Any information to the effect that this book HAS been published is FALSE


[%t] The Meaning of Liff
[%a] DA and John Lloyd
[%p] Pan (with faber and Faber)(p/b)    [%d] 1983    [%i] 0-330-28121-6
[%c] Early copies have rounded corners and magenta page-edging.  The
original star-shaped cover sticker was quickly replaced by a round one,
then no sticker at all, then the star shape again.
[%p] Harmony (US h/b)                   [%d] 1984    [%i]
[%c] Some of the UK entries are ommited and new ones added.

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Original Radio Scripts
[%z] Includes two introductions and copious notes by DA and Geoffrey
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1985    [%i] 
[%p] Harmony (US p/b)                   [%d] 1985    [%i] 0-517-55950-1
[%p] ????                               [%d] 1995?   [%i] 0-517-88384-8

[%t] Last Chance to See
[%a] DA and Mark Carwardine
[%p] Heinemann (h/b)                    [%d] 1990    [%i] 0-345-37198-4
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1991    [%i] 0-330-32002-5

[%t] The Deeper Meaning of Liff
[%a] DA and John Lloyd
[%z] Illuminated by Bert Kitchen. This is an expanded version of The
Meaning of Liff.
[%p] Pan (h/b)                          [%d] 1990    [%i] 0-330-31606-0
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1991    [%i] 0-330-32220-6

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Authorized Adaption
[%z] A 3-part comic adaption. Americanized, and generally considered
mediocre. Adapted by John Carnell, and Illustrated by Steve Leialoha.
[%p] DC Comics (US p/b)                 [%d] 1993    [%i]

[%t] The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: The Authorized Adaption
[%z] 3-part comic adaption. Adapted by John Carnell, Breakdowns by Steve
Leialoha and Finishes by Shepherd Hendrix.
[%p] DC Comics (US p/b)                 [%d] 1994    [%i]

[%t] Life, the Universe and Everything: The Authorized Adaption
[%z] 3-part comic adaption. Adapted by John Carnell, Breakdowns by
Christopher Schenck, Pencils by Neil Vokes and Inks by John Nyberg. 
[%p] DC Comics (US p/b)                 [%d] 1995    [%i]

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Authorized Collection
[%z] Collection of 'The Authorized Adaption's 3 parts into one cover.
[%p] DC Comics (US p/b)                 [%d] 1997    [%i] 1-56389-271-5


DNA has a deep and abiding love for Macintoshes, hence his
contributions to MacUser magazine.

A Review of Microsoft Word for the Macintosh [?]
        MacUser Magazine
        September 1987
        Page 144.
The Woes of SCSI Chaining
        Personal Macintosh column
        MacUser Magazine
        November 1991
        pp. 213-215.

Apparently an article on DNA and his Macintosh appeared in the June
1987 issue of ``Your Computer''.  It runs to three pages, with some
small photos, and talks about Dirk Gently, the computer games, etc.

(this is hopelessly out of date, and I've not got round to
formatting it. Notification of more recent articles appreciated -ed)

Omnibus' (Omnibi?)

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Trilogy
[%z] An unconfirmed omnibus edition of the first three 'Guide' novels
[%p] ???? (US)                          [%d] ????    [%i] 

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Trilogy
[%z] An unconfirmed boxed set of the first three 'Guide' novels
[%p] Pocket Books (US)                  [%d] ????    [%i] 

[%t] The Universe of Douglas Adams
[%z] A boxed set of the first four 'Guide' novels.
[%p] Pocket Books (US p/b)              [%d] 1985    [%i] 

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Quartet
[%z] Apparently an earlier version of 'The More Than Complete
Hitch-Hiker's Guide'. (See below)
[%p] ???? (US)                          [%d] 1986    [%i] 

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy : A Trilogy in Four Parts 
[%z] Omnibus edition of the first four books: includes 'A guide to the
[%p] Heinemann (h/b)                    [%d] 1986    [%i] 
[%c] This book does not appear to have an ISBN printed anywhere on/in it!
[%p] Heinemann (new cover h/b)          [%d] 1992    [%i] 
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1992    [%i] 

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
[%z] A boxed set of the first four 'Guide' novels with new covers
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1988    [%i] 

[%t] The More Than Complete Hitch-Hiker's Guide
[%z] An omnibus edition of the first four 'Guide' novels plus 'A Guide to
the Guide' and 'Young Zaphod Plays it Safe'. Previously published as 'The
Hitch-Hiker's Quartet' (See above)
[%p] Bonanza: (US h/b)                  [%d] 1989    [%i] 0-517-69311-9
[%p] Longmeadow Press (US leatherbound h/b)  [%d] 1991    [%i] 0-681-40322-5

[%t] Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency/The long Dark tea-time of the Soul
[%z] A 'limited edition' omnibus of Both Dirk Gently novels
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1993    [%i] 0-330-33431-x

[%t] The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy : A Trilogy in Four Parts 
[%p] Heinemann                          [%d] 1995    [%i] 

Books with material by DNA

[%t] A Liar's Autobiography
[%a] Graham Chapman
[%z] DA collaborated with several other authors on the first couple of
chapters of this.
[%p] Eyre Methuen (h/b)                 [%d] 1980    [%i] 
[%p] Magnum (p/b)                       [%d] 1981    [%i] 
[%p] Mandarin (p/b)                     [%d] 1991    [%i] 

[%t] Not! The Nine O'Clock News
[%z] The three 'Not..' books each list DA among 20 or so authors,
including John Lloyd, Griff Rhys Jones, Richard Curtis etc
[%p] BBC (p/b)                          [%d] 1980    [%i] 

[%t] Not 1982
[%z] Includes entries from 'The Oxtail English Dictionary', an early
version of 'The Meaning of Liff' by DA and John Lloyd.
[%p] Faber and Faber (p/b)              [%d] 1981    [%i] 

[%t] Not 1983
[%p] Faber and Faber (p/b)              [%d] 1982    [%i] 

[%t] Son of 'Curried Eggs'
[%a] edited by Roger Wilmut
[%z] Includes an extract from the second radio episode.
[%p] Methuen (h/b)                      [%d] 1984    [%i] 

[%t] The St. Michael book of Humorous Stories
[%z] Includes an extract from 'Guide' (ie, the first novel)
[%p] Octopus (h/b)                      [%d] 1984    [%i] 

[%t] The Utterly, Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Book
[%a] edited by DA and Peter Fincham
[%z] This includes: the first UK printing of 'Young Zaphod Plays it Safe',
the only Hitch-Hiker's short story; three supplements to The Meaning of
Liff by DA, John Lloyd and Stephen Fry; The Private Life of Ghengis Khan,
a short story by DA based on a DA/Graham Chapman sketch from 'Out of the
Trees', with a cameo appearance by Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged; and
'A Christmas Fairly Story' by DA and Terry Jones.
[%p] Fontana (p/b)                      [%d] 1986    [%i] 

[%t] Coastline
[%z] Includes an extract from So Long...
[%p] Kingfisher (h/b)                   [%d] 1987    [%i] 

[%t] The Utterly, Utterly Amusing and Pretty Damn Definitive Comic Relief Revue Book
[%z] Included Kamikaze, a sketch by DA and Chris Keightley
[%p] Penguin (p/b)                      [%d] 1989    [%i] 

[%t] Hockney's Alphabet
[%a] edited by Stephen Spender
[%z] DA is one of 26 authors contributing a short piece on a letter of the
[%p] Faber and Faber (h/b)              [%d] 1991    [%i] 
[%p] Faber/ Bertram Rota (h/b)          [%d] 1991    [%i] 
[%c] Limited edition (1500), signed by David Hockney and Stephen Spender
[%p] Faber/ Bertram Rota (h/b)          [%d] 1991    [%i] 
[%c] Limited edition (250), signed by Hockney, Spender and all
contributing authors.

[%t] The Wizards of Odd
[%a] edited by Peter Haining
[%z] DA is given second billing behind Terry Pratchett (but ahead of Asimov,
Vonneghut, etc) in this book of 'Comic Tales of Fantasy'. DA's contribution
is a revised version of Young Zaphod Plays It Safe.
[%p] Legend (p/b)                       [%d] 1997    [%i] 0-09-917442-1

He has also written a foreword to "PowerBook, The Digital Nomad's
Guide" (ISBN 0-679-74588-2), saying how he couldn't see how he ever
did without his PowerBook before.

Essential Reading

[%t] Don't Panic: The Official Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion
[%a] Neil Gaiman
[%z] Includes, amongst other things, Kamikaze, the original synopses of
the radio series, and the treatment for one of Dr Who and the Krikkitmen.
[%p] Titan (p/b)                        [%d] 1988    [%i] 
[%p] Pocket (US p/b)                    [%d] 1988    [%i] 0-671-66426-3

[%t] Don't Panic: Douglas Adams and the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
[%a] Neil Gaiman
[%z] A revised verison of the above; the additional material is actually
ghost-written by a chap called David Dickson.
[%p] Titan (p/b)                        [%d] 1993    [%i] 1-85286-411-7

[%t] Starship Titanic
[%a] Terry Jones
[%z] The book of the (forthcoming) computer game. 
Also referred to as "Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic"
[%p] Pan (p/b)                          [%d] 1997    [%i] 0-330-35446-9

Worth Checking out

[%t] The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: The First 25 Years
[%a] Duncan Briscoe
[%z] Includes information on the creation of the music used in the first
radio and TV series.
[%p] BBC (p/b)                          [%d] 1993    [%i] 

[%t] Laughter in the Air: An informal history of British Radio Comedy
[%a] Barry Took
[%z] Won't tell you anything you didn't already know about Guide, but puts
the series in the overall context of UK radio comedy.
[%p] Robson (revised edition, p/b)      [%d] 1983    [%i] 

[%t] The lavishly tooled Smith and Jones Instant Coffee Table Book
[%z] Contains the definitive 'Guide' parody, 'So Long: and Thanks For All
The Advance....' The books several authors include DA's old colleagues
Griff Rhys Jones and John Lloyd.
[%p] Fontana (p/b)                      [%d] 1986    [%i] 

[%t] Thanks for all the Fish
[%z] Dreadful, inaccurate, unofficial, American thing which you're a fool
if you spend more than tuppence on.
[%p] Psi Fi Movie Press (US p/b)        [%d] 1986    [%i] 

[%t] Wordsmiths of Wonder
[%a] Stan Nicholls
[%z] A book of interviews with top SF authors, including DA.
[%p] Orbit (p/b)                        [%d] 1993    [%i] 



Title : Het Transgalactisch Liftershandboek
ISBN  : 90 261 0163 5

Title : Het Restaurant aan het Eind van het Heelal
ISBN  : 90 261 0168 6

Title : Het Leven, het Heelal en de Rest
ISBN  : 90 261 0174 0

Title : Tot ziens en bedankt voor de vis
ISBN  : 90 261 0208 9

Title : Grotendeels Ongevaarlijk
ISBN  : 90 261 0629 7

Title : Dirk Gently's Holistisch Detectivebureau
ISBN  : 90 261 0314 x

Title : De Lange Donkere Theetijd van de Ziel
ISBN  : 90 261 0357 3

Title : Voor Het Te Laat Is
ISBN  : 90-261-0483-9

Title : Das Leben, das Universum und der ganze Rest
ISBN  : 3-8077-0205-9
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

Title : Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums
ISBN  : 3-8077-0192-3
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

   [Ed: Seems there are two editions of the following. 'Der elektrische
   Monch' looks to be the original, while 'Dirk Gently's holistische
   Detektei' seems to be the newest one.]

Title : Der elektrische Mönch
ISBN  : 3-8077-02261
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

Title : Dirk Gently's holistische Detektei
ISBN  : 3-548-22231-5
Verlag: Ullstein

Title : Der lange dunkle Fünfuhrtee der Seele
ISBN  : 3-8077-0230-X
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

Title : Die letzten ihrer Art
ISBN  : 3-8077-0256-3
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

Title : Einmal Rupert und zurück
ISBN  : 3-455-00075-4
Verlag: Hoffmann und Campe

Title : Macht's gut und danke für den Fisch
ISBN  : 3-8077-0211-3
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

Title : Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis
ISBN  : 3-548-22491-?
Verlag: Rogner & Bernhard

    For all the above books the publisher is "Fontein", and the format is
   always 5" x 8" (12.5 x 20 cm) paperback. The RRPs are for late
   1994/early 1995. Information courtesy of book shop "Het Verboden
   Rijk", Roosendaal, The Netherlands.
   The German edition of Don't Panic: Titel: Keine Panik Mit Douglas
       Adams durch die Galaxis Autor: Neil Gaiman Verlag: Ullstein,1990
       Nr. 22272 ISBN: 3-548-22272-2 Seiten: 253 Preis: DM 19,80 (1990)

%T Keine Panik  (Translation of Neil Gaimans "Don't Panic")
%A Neil Gaiman
%I Ullstein Verlag GmbH
%D April 1990
ISBN 3 548 22272 2

        Der Reisef|hrer PER ANHALTER DURCH DIE GALAXIS ist wahrscheinlich das
        bemerkenswerteste Buch, das die gro_en Verlage von Ursa Minor je
        herausbrachten. Auf seinem Umschlag stehen in gro_en, freundlichen
        Worten die Worte KEINE PANIK, was auch auf keine KEINE PANIK zutrifft,
        in dem Neil Gaiman detailliert und |beraus unterhaltsam die irdische
        Existenz von PER ANHALTER DURCH DIE GALAXIS beschreibt. Es ist die
        Geschichte des unglaublichen Erfolges dieses bizarren Werks, das als
        Buch, Radio- und TV-Serie, Theaterst|ck, Schallplatte, Film,
        Computerspiel, und Strandbadetuch allein in diesem Sonnensystem
        Millionen von Fans gefunden hat. Dar|ber hinaus erfdhrt der geneigte
        Leser hier auch noch mehr |ber das Leben und Wirken von Douglas Adams,
        als er je erfahren wollte. Pflichtlekt|re f|r alle Adams-Freunde.

%T Der tiefere Sinn des Labenz  (Translation of "The Deeper Meaning of Liff")
%A Douglas Adams, John Lloyd und Sven Bvttcher
%I Rogner & Bernhard GmbH & Co. Verlags KG, Hamburg, erhdltlich nur bei 2001
%D October 1992
%Z Partially translated, partially filled with new German words. Translation
   and additions by Sven Bvttcher. Includes the complete untranslated
   Deeper Meaning of Liff. Highly recommended!
ISBN 3-8077-0262-8

        Der tiefere Sinn des Labenz: Das klassische Wvrterbuch f|r namenlose
        Sachverhalte, Gef|hle und Gegenstdnde. Nach der englischen
        Originalausgabe |berarbeitet, auf den neuesten Stand gebracht und
        runderneuert. Tausend* Definitionen! Kunstvoll illustriert! Bis zur
        Kante vollgepackt mit Scherzen, wie sie die Welt nocht nicht gelesen

        * Na gut, jedenfalls fast tausend.

%T Die letzten ihrer Art  (Translation of "Last Chance to See")
%A Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine
%I Rogner & Bernhard GmbH & Co. Verlags KG, Hamburg, erhdltlich bei 2001
%D May 1992
%Z Translation by Sven Bvttcher
ISBN 3-8077-0256-3

        Vor zehn Jahren schrieb Douglas Adams &Per Anhalter durch die
        Galaxis&, eine Geschichte |ber die unerwartete Zerstvrung der Welt
        durch widerwdrtige Wesen von einem anderen Planeten. Das sollte ein
        Witz sein. Heute wird die Welt um uns herum, Tier um Tier, Baum um
        Baum vernichtet, und der widerwdrtige Witz daran ist, da_ wir es
        selbst tun. Nach jahrelangen Betrachtungen der auf anderen Planeten
        vorkommenden Lebensabsurditdten kam Douglas Adams zu dem Schlu_, es
        sei an der Zeit, mal |ber das Leben auf diesem Planeten und |ber die
        Absurditdten nachzudenken, die wir mitveranstalten.
        Da er f|r diese Aufgabe hoffnungslos unqualifiziert war, tat er sich
        mit dem Zoologen Mark Carwardine zusammen, und gemeinsam machten sie
        sich auf Reise rund um den Globus, um einige der seltensten und am
        meisten gefdhrdeten Tierarten der Welt aufzusp|ren.

        Sie fuhren nach Indonesien und stie_en auf die menschenfressenden
        Komodowarane, nach Neuseeland und stie_en auf den grv_ten, dicksten
        und flugunfdhigsten Papagei der Welt, nach China und stie_en auf den
        geblendeten und betdubten Yagtse-Delphin, nach Mauritius und stie_en
        auf den seltensten und sexuell gestvrtesten Falken der Welkt, nach
        Zaire und stie_en dort auf einige der der engsten Verwandten des
        Menschen, die Gorillas, auf die gefdhrdetsten Nashvrner der Welt, und
        auf einige Zollbeamte, die gefdhrdet sein sollten, es aber leider
        nicht sind.

Title : Madrikh ha-trempist la-galaksyah. [HHGG] (1985)
Title : ha-Misadah shebe-sof ha-yekum. [RATEOTU] (1986)
Title : ha-Hayim, ha-yekum ve-khol ha-shear. [LTUAE] (1986)
Title : Heyu shalom ve-todah al ha-dagim. [SLATFATF] (1986)
Title : Lo mazik be-rubo. [MH] (1993)
Title : Sokhnut ha-bilush shel Dirk G'entli. [DGHDA] (1989)
Title : Sheat ha-teh ha-arukah veha-afelah shel ha-nefesh.
        [TLDTTOTS] (1991)

Title : Linnunradan kasikirja liftareille (HHGTTG)
Title : Maailmanlopun ravintola (RATEOTU)
Title : Elama, maailmankaikkeus ja kaikki (LTUAE)
Title : Terve, ja kiitos kaloista (SLATFATF)
Title : Enimmakseen harmiton (MH)
Title : Dirk Gentlyn holistinen etsivatoimisto (quite obvious!)

Title : La Vita, l'Universo e tutto quanto
(Classici Urania n.209, 1994) [LTUAE]
Title : Addio, e grazie per tutto il pesce
(Classici Urania n.217, 1995) [SLATFATF]
Title : Praticamente Innocuo (Urania n.1209, 1993) [MH]

Title: Le (Guide du) Routard Galactique (HHGTTG),=20
PdF n=B0340
ISBN : 2-207-50340-2

Title: Le Dernier Restaurant Avant La Fin Du Monde (RATEOTU)
PdF n=B0351
ISBN : 2-207-30351-9

Title: La vie, l'Univers et le Reste (LTUAE)
PdF n=B0369
ISBN : 2-207-30369-1

Title: Salut, et Encore Merci Pour le Poisson (SLATFATF)
PdF n=B0547
ISBN : 2-207-30549-X

Title: Globalement Inoffensive (Mostly Harmless)
PdF n=B0552
ISBN : 2-207-30548-1

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