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The Campaign to Hide TFTSNBN From the Entire Planet
Posted to %afda and %alfafda by pieceoftheuniverse on 20th December 2000

Roy Stark wrote:
> I just tried to post to

> via the only means that appeared to be at my disposal, *shudder* deja news.
> however it gave me an error stating "News Server Error

There's a very simple reason for that. You have encountered the phenomenon known as, in short, "The Campaign to Hide TFTSNBN From the Entire Planet, and Have a Slightly Longer Acronym Than TFTSNBN Besides, Just for Fun," or TCHFEPHSLATTBJF.

The reasoning is, while somewhat peculiar, very simple. It goes something like this:

Do you see afda? Of course you do, you're posting to it. Stupid question. Anyway, do you see what's happening in it? All this posting and waving and talking back and forth between people. It's an interesting process, to be sure -- but is it -right-?

The people that form TCHFEPHSLATTBJF are very concerned with this very issue, wondering if, perhaps, Usenet wasn't such a great idea after all. Some members are even going further than that, stating that maybe the telephone never should have been invented. Some go farther than that ... well, you get the idea. It all boils down that someone, somewhere, must have made a miscalculation, because this can't be all there is at the end of all that careful planning.

Assuming, of course, that there was any sort of careful planning to begin with.

There are some members who truly believe that all of this invention was nothing more than a grand cosmic mistake, and that worries them even more. If a simple error could create the mass illusion that we're talking to each other across the globe using itty bitty wires (and how realistic is that, really?), then another equally simple error could wipe it all out again.

Hence the lack of posting in TFTSNBN.

TFTSNBN is not so much as a newsfroup as it is a fortress of sorts. It stands, mostly empty, to remind us what it could be like if that erasure error could ever take place. The winds blow cold there, and the few voices that dare to fill it echo with every syllable. In some extreme cases, TCHFEPHSLATTBJF has even gone so far as to block out certain individuals (at random, I assure you) who they fear will fill TFTSNBN with as much laughter and joy as afda has enjoyed.

TCHFEPHSLATTBJF is fighting a losing battle, of course. Some people don't get the idea behind the message at all, and are fighting for access to TFTSNBN, not knowing that, by doing so, they shake the very foundation of what it was founded for. All too soon the walls of TFTSNBN that TCHFEPHSLATTBJF so painstakingly set up will crumble into the virtual earth, and pretty much anyone who cares to will just be able to waltz in and post what they like.

(Well, actually, spammers can do that even now, but we have a laser-eyed mutant goat on patrol to hopefully prevent that very thing. Even she needs to take the odd hour or so break for tea or somesuch, though, so there is that tiny hole in our defenses. Shh! Don't tell anyone!).

pieceoftheuniverse - probably going to be strung up by TCHFEPHSLATTBJF for compromising their most valued secret, but what the hell.


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