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Various Froupiness

Posted to %afda by Caleb on 1 October 2000

MEow wrote:

> One questiain, I always wanted to ask - What is an ICQ?

I don't see a message replying to this yet, so...

It's Increasingly Connected Questions. Currently, they are up to connected question number 80524795, but Jacob happened to submit question 7243603. Likewise, he wanted to add everyone to a list he is miaintiaining of the various froupies who have submitted an Increasingly Connected Question. (Which, strangely enough, seems to get easier the more questions there are. Due, probably, to the fact that the more questions there are, the more they relate to.) Anyway, I assume his froupie list got trashed somehow, and he wanted to rebuild it.

I, myself, actually submitted question #37057183. (I'm so proud of myself!) I believe it was something long the lines of, "But what would happen if Douglas Adams completed something ahead of a deadline?", which incredibly freaked everyone out, but everything seems to have settled down agiain, and it is safe to resubmit questions agiain.

For more information*, go to <>. Oh, and for some reason, the initials also sound a lot like the english words "I seek you" when spoken.

Caleb - considering "What if the deadline didn't whoosh, even if it did go by?"

[You could also look at this page which has a list of, er, question numbers for froupies - iain]


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* (and probably more factually correct, also)