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Anagrams of Jacob Sk**ning


From: Jim Evans <jevans@physics.uottawa.ca>
Subject: Re: any new book?
Date: 28 October 1999 03:27

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Chris Freestone wrote:


} Anagrams of Jacob Sk**ning:
} kin jogs cabana
} ink jogs cabana
} jog inks cabana

I like that word. CABANA. Meet Jacob Sk*ning, Cabana Boy!

} jig sock banana

ITYM "banana sock hop"

} jog sick banana
} gab jack anions
} bag jack anions
} saga nick banjo

Icelandic-Arkansas comic book: THE SAGA OF NICK BANJO

The movie stars John Leguzamo (or whatever his name is)

} sack gain banjo

> Look

There is Jacob Sk*ning here. He is playing the banjo.

> Sack Jacob

You swiftly and unprovokedly knee Jacob Sk*ning in the groin.
He drops the banjo and is now writhing on the ground in pain.
There is Jacob Sk*ning here. There is a banjo here.

> Take banjo.

You have gained the banjo. There is Jacob Sk*ning here.

> Sack David Bowie

No, I'm sorry, you had you chance last week and you missed out.

} gain cask banjo
} sag kanji bacon
} gas kanji bacon

"Jacob-san, you come for breakfast. We have special kanji bacon. Made from
anime pigs."


} jab can soaking
} jack bags anion

"Jack, get over here! There's a shipment of chlorine ions just come in,
you gotta bag 'em up!"

} snob jack again

Look, I know anion-bagging isn't glamorous , but aren't class-distinctions
just so 19th-century?


} Anagrams of Jacoob Sk**ning:
} jig cooks banana

Jig's specialty, actually, is garlic-roasted banana with kanji bacon.

} jog aback anions
} sock banjo again
} jogs anion aback
} oak banjo casing

Gee Jacob, that's a nice banjo. Is that oak casing? Say, why are you
doubled over like that? Someone knee-you in the groin in an Infocom parody
are did you just eat too much kanji bacon?

} nook jigs cabana
} jig nooks cabana
} so joking cabana

It's the Comedy Cabana! With your host, Joe Piscopo!

} jigs cook banana
} jig cook bananas

Told you it was his specialty.

} oak jog cannabis

Hee hee hee hee... you said "cannabis".

} Anagrams of Jacoob Sk*nning:
} job anon sacking
} on banjo sacking

ON BANJO-SACKING: Violence in Infocom Parodies, by Jacoob Skanning

} no banjo sacking

Rule #1: No sacking Jacoob for his banjo. That's genuine oak casing,

} nab soon jacking
} ban soon jacking
} sob anon jacking
} bang kanji coons
} bogs kanji canon

I have no idea what "bogs kanji canon" means, but I think it has something
to do with Bach bacon.

} job soak canning
} jack onion bangs
} coon kanji bangs
} song kanji bacon
} jack bang onions

When not bagging anions at the Chemical Warehouse, Jack finds relief in
odd sexual practices...

} scab anon joking
} cabs anon joking
} bog kanji canons
} noon jabs caking
} jobs anon caking
} job oaks canning
} jab noons caking
} son banjo caking
} noon jack basing
} on caking banjos

"No you idiots, I wanted a FILE in the cake, not a banjo! How'm I gonna
bust outta here now! Whattya mean you sacked a Danish guy for it?"

} no caking banjos

"HALT, you miscreants of Justice!"


"That's right, and there'll be no cakes-with-banjos-in-them on my watch!"

} job canon asking
} con banjo asking
} jack bong anions

Sadly, Jack was fired from the warehouse when his supervisor found his
bong hidden in a bag of ammonium ions. This did explain Jack's fondness
for onions and why he'd frequently wander through Infocom parodies
muttering "oak... jog... cannabis" and sacking Danes with banjos.

} jab anon socking
} an banjo socking
} jab noon sacking
} oak jobs canning
} oak job scanning
} So. Plenty of things we can call him now.

Just don't call him late for dinner. Jig's garlic roasted bananas and
kanji bacon is to die for.

    JIM, and Jacob, watch your groin.

Jacob, The Great Creator Of Everybody, has asked that his full name not be taken in vain, so that silly pages like this don't get top ranking in Google. Hence the stars. [an error occurred while processing this directive]