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Sing-a-long with afda

The MFAQ song

Posted to %afda by AmbushBug4 on 26th July 1998
Thanks to Kie for bringing it to my attention


(first verse)

So ... you've not read a-f-d-a before
You find out it's not a bore
And you'd like to read some more

But ... you really don't wanna make
An embarassing mistake
And get flamed to death by stake


Hey, it's okay!
Read the goddamned MFAQ!
We'll like ya, if you do

Flame-free, you'll be
With that wacky MFAQ!
It's all up to you

(second verse)

All ... you wanna do is have some fun
Not get yelled at by everyone
Who was at Lazlar Lyricon I

But ... for the oldbies it's quite lame
Every day the post's the same
"Can I have the Infocom game?"


See, look it's free!
It's all in the handy MFAQ
Read it 'til you spew

Every Thursday
We'll repost our friend the MFAQ
Hope TDV doesn't sue

(final chord to end)


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