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Cooking with afda

Ode to a can of cola i purchased this afternoon
Posted to %afda by Roy Stark on 6th March 2001

Hi kids! I got bored at work and wrote a poem...

As he feeds the coins into the machine
lights are changed from red to green
the button is pushed and with a horrible din
the sequence begins all over again

Writhing alluminum ferris-wheel
money to burn, money to steal
and as the ashes are blown accross the wind
There is no more to do, but kiss his sin

the can is opened, the gas is released
his mouth is watering upon this feast
as his lips move in to take a drink
not even his wisdom can make him think
of all the unwashed souls in the essence shrink
and the blood of trolls in the moonlight east

the liquid bubbles along the edge
like a steaming volcano about to pledge
its lava to stream accross the land
no-one is ready, no-one had planned at all


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