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Subject line tags

[B]Blue Relevant posts
[B]Brown Irrelevant posts
[B]Black Really irrelevant posts
[B]Beige Extremely irrelevant posts
[B]Burgundy Almost, but not entirely, unlike on-topic posts
[B]Bilberry Posts which miss by a mile
[B]Blanc Posts several light years off-topic

In the spirit of Hitch-hikers and its many inconsistencies, some colours have alternative meanings. You will note, for example, that Black should be used for 'Really irrelevant posts', 'On-topic posts' and 'Repetitive crap'. Furthermore, it can be seen that Pythonesque cascades are both relevant and on-topic.
[B]Black Repetitive crap
[B]Black On-topic posts
[B]Brown Off-topic posts
[B]Blue On-topic posts
[B]Blue Pythonesque cascades
[B]Bisque Crossposts
[B]Beige Posts about Ford Prefect (because Carole's Dad had a beige Ford Prefect)
[B]Beige Stuff about computers
[B]Beige Redundant questions
[B]Beige Obscure references
[B]Burnt SiennaObligatory references
and finally...
[B]Burgundy Meta-posts, such as those discussing tagging schemes


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