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pieces of the universe

Who knows THE answer?
Posted to %afda by pieceoftheuniverse on 9 October 2000

spacearound speculated:

<much nothingness snipped>

The great thing about the Answer -- well, actually, ONE of the great things about the Answer, for there are several -- is its extreme flexibility towards just about any sort of question that you might deign to put it towards.

It has almost, but not entirely, taken a place at the forefront of almost any invasion of newbies who would dare to ask a commonplace query. It is then practically required for someone, somewhere, to shout out "Forty-two!" at the top of his or her lungs (posting is completely optional at this point). Thus are a wide variety of questions exposed to the answer, in the hope that one of them will, at some point or another, fit.

Some things about the Answer that you may not have already heard:

So, to answer your question, just about everyone knows the Answer; it's the Question which has long been in debate.


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