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Various Froupiness

Meg's Theory Of Putting Things In Things
Posted to %afda by Meg in May 1999


My mom gave me a little tin box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. I got really excited because I could put stuff in it after I ate all the candy. This got me to thinking, people really seem to enjoy putting things in things. When you get a tin of cookies, the first thing you say is always "Wow! When the cookies are all gone, I can put stuff in it!"

This is quite an interesting phenomenon. Stores make a fortune selling little decorative boxes and bags to people who get very excited about it.

You get to put stuff in it!!

I think it starts when you're just a small child. Your parents buy you little toy boxes and buckets, with cute little pictures on them. And you're in heaven, because you get to put stuff in it and carry it around. When you get older, you graduate to purses, wallets and those plastic milk crate things. Whenever you see an empty box or tin, you get an uncontrollable urge to put something in it. That's its purpose in the world, after all. It is nothing if it doesn't have something in it. So you put whatever is lying around in whatever container you can find, no matter how odd a thing it is to put in there. You put pencils in cans, fingers in electrical sockets, and metal doodads in drawers. When I was little, I put a plastic fly in a decorative wooden box. It didn't need to be put in anything, and the box could have held something more useful, but I wasn't about to let it sit empty until I found something better. I had to put something in it. Anything.

That's why they sell candies in tins. That's the selling point of it. Candy? Puh! It's the tin we want. We get to put stuff in it!!


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