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Various Froupiness

How to capture images
Posted to %afda by JIM on 15th May 2000


First of all, to properly capture an image you need patience. Let's
put that in all-caps: PATIENCE. Crashing around in the bushes chasing
after them is simply going to scare the images. You need to find a
good hiding spot - preferably down-wind, as videos have very sensitive
olfactory senses - and, thus concealed, bide your time. Perhaps lay
the tuner card and the camcorder out as decoys. When the videos land,
stealthily creep towards them, and then POUNCE! Scoop them up cleanly
in your net (you do have a big butterfly-type net, don't you?) and
don't skimp on the follow-through, which as anyone will tell you, is
everything. Subdue the images quickly with a little formaldahyde, and
once they're subdued, transfer them to the travel case. They'll wake
up in a couple of hours, so make sure your hunting spot is close to
your computer. Nothing worse than having a flock of angry images
waking up in your car on the way home. Once you get them home, simply
load them onto the computer, and voila!

   JIM, let's put that in all-caps: VOILA!


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