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The Great 'Wop' Project

This incarnation commenced 20th February 2000


"What happened next they could not ignore. With a noise like a hundred thousand people saying 'wop', a steely white spaceship suddenly seemed to create itself out of nothing in the air directly above the cricket pitch and hung there with infinite menace and a slight hum."

The Great 'Wop' Project aims to find out, once and for all, exactly what the sound of a hundred thousand people saying 'wop' is. Unfortunately, the project has seemed doomed to fail: originator Matt Bruce had a nasty hard drive failure which left him "Mostly Wopless" as he put it <laughter> and Jim Bohnert, who took over from him was hindered by his lack of a targeted audience from whom he could collect 'wop's. Thanks guys, for your valiant attempts!

However, no more shall this project languish, half-forgotten on a remote webserver! Under my guidance, the project has been brought into the fold, as it were, and made a part of the allegedly official afda website, true home to all things only-vaguely-DNA-related.

And so, to the details. The aim is to collect a full 100,000 samples of people saying 'wop'. Of course, it's unlikely we'll reach that number, but we can always hope... To participate is very simple: get a microphone, fire up a sound recorder and create a short .wav file of you saying 'wop'. It doesn't have to be shouted or stressed in any way, just a nice, calm 'wop' is all we need. If you want to be included on the roll of honour, remember to include your name and a geographic location. Email your 'wop' to, but send questions to for a faster response.

Once a substantial number of 'wop's have been collected, the great mixing will begin, and the resulting noise will of course be posted here for the world to hear. So go forth with a tape recorder, and demand that all your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri etc contribute, so we can reach that magic number of 100,000. With your help, we can do it!

Thanks in advance for your contribution, and ...wop on!


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