Section Z- Other sources of Douglas Adams-related info & chat

Z.1. Usenet

The main Douglas Adams newsgroup is A new subgroup,, started up recently, but some servers still don't carry it, and the traffic there has been considerably less than on anyway.

Z.2. On the Web

Collecting together a list of web sites with a Douglas Adams theme or a connection of some kind would be a mammoth and pretty much impossible task. If you should feel like it, use a search engine such as Yahoo or Excite and go hunting. Best of luck, since for every good site out there there are at least half a dozen pieces of dross.

For a list of fan-written web sites we think are worth seeing, see R.2. Recommended web sites.

The official sites; Douglas Adams is now a part of The Digital Village at; his own personal web site is which also includes a chat forum, and there is also a website relating to Starship Titanic at, amazingly enough,

Z.3. ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (aka ZZ9) are the official Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Appreciation Society. They were established in 1980 and have released a quarterly magazine, Mostly Harmless, full of interviews, fiction, news, art, discussion, and so on, ever since. They also produce a wide range of merchandise related to Douglas Adams exclusively for members of ZZ9- see M.3. They come highly recommended by many people on the newsgroup.

They also arrange and coordinate meetings for fans of Hitch Hiker's Guide, mainly based around the UK.

They recently became able to accept memberships in US dollars.

They recently overhauled their website, and got a domain name for themselves.

Z.4. E-mail fanzines

The Definitely Inaccurate Douglas Adams Newsletter is an attempt to create an e-mail based fanzine, sent out to subscribers on a regular basis. No further details are currently known, but the first issue (September 1998) can be found here.

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