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Cooking with afda

Kool Aide - The Helpful Soft Drink

Posted to %afda by pieceoftheuniverse on 14th December 2000

Jim Evans tapped me on the shoulder and said:

> Comrade pieceoftheuniverse wrote:
> > It's in the states, as well. It's sort of like ready-made Kool-Aide,
> s/Aide/Aid/ , old chap.

What, you don't think that quasi-fruit juice can help the destitute? You refuse to believe that a bright red sugar-laden drink can assist the homeless? You deny the right of sugar water to tell the poor and ignorant masses "Rise up, bums; you have nothing to lose but your wine bottles"? You claim that powder dissolved in water cannot change society for the better, thanks to your generous contribution and willingness to subject yourself to untold horrors as you mix the concoction into everyday tap water? Are you saying outright that the pitcher-mascot is only in this business for his own benefit? That whoever or whatever he is, he has no interest in helping anyone out, much less the sick, the injured, the destitute, the horny, the ailing, the poor, and the foolhardy? That he wouldn't so much as lift a finger in response to their pleas? That he/she/it/whatever is by no means a kind and caring individual who would aide someone in need, and be quite kool and konfident in the process?

Is THAT what you're saying?!

Well, you're probably right.

Kool-AID, then.

-- pieceoftheuniverse - just smash my worldview, why don't you.

See also A Guide to Kool-Aid For Non-Americans


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