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Sing-a-long with afda


The Froupie Song

I've Got My Towel

Forty-Two (Let It Be)

Hitchhiker Guy

Like an Afdaniain

Where Has Meg Gone?

Hitch-hiker (San Francisco)

A Christmas Poem

Bob's Your Uncle

I get a kick out of afda

Talk Like A Vogon

alt.fan.douglas-adams YAY!!!

Sleeping on the top of the grass


"Froupie's Paradise" by Jekyllio

I Saw Some Froupies on IRC

Mambo #42

Afdanian Rhapsody

A Brick That Doesn't Fall (Part 42)

Blowin' In The Wind

When I'm Forty-Two

afda Submarine


I'm Afraid of Afdaniains

One Thursday Afternoon...

The Twelve Days of afda's Christmas

An 'Alternative' Christmas Song

"A. F. D. A." by the Froody People

The Register song

Everybody's Free (to carry a towel)

The MFAQ song

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