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pieces of the universe

pieceoftheuniverse has a tendency to write long, amusing posts on a fairly frequent basis. So, I gave him his own page.
If you want your own page, you'd better get posting

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If you think you've missed one of pieceoftheuniverse's posts, possibly due to an unhelpful news server, this post from 7th December 2000 might help:

Well, far be it from me to re-post my posts, but this is the general gist of what went down:

Stuff happens. When that stuff happens, other stuff is most likely to take place, either in complete protest of the stuff that has happened or in agreement, or most like despite any of the two factions even knowing about the stuff happening anyway. If the stuff knows about the stuff that happened, then it doesn't need to know about the stuff. If the stuff doesn't know about the stuff that happened, then that's where the stuff needs to go to do some educational stuff so at least the stuff knows about the stuff, or rather more importantly, why it happened.

My post had nothing to do with that.

But that should help.

pieceoftheuniverse - oh, and apparently some services are killfiling me all on their own, so it could very well be your server just doesn't like me.


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