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Various Froupiness

Things that didn't get their own section

AFDAs around the world

So Long, And Thanks For All The Bacon

Digressing Nerds Associaitiain

The Quantum Video Store

You TooTM Can Maintain A Web Page

What's a Froup?


Help Me With Essay

The best things about the Salmon of Doubt...


Re: Newbie Rejection?

You TooTM Can Have A Web Page

Waking Up

DNS Explained

Escape Velocity of the Froup

A Guide to Kool-Aid For Non-Americans

The Evil Bookstore

Religion vs Science

How Advertising Executives Think

Meg's Theory Of Putting Things In Things

How to capture images

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fibs!

How to be a Sidekick in 5 Easy Steps

The Froup: Some Information To Help You Post In It

The S'mores Experience

AFDA Froupies Do Acronyms

Matter Chatter

Don't Rub Strange Rings...

Happy Nubby Socks

Discussions regarding points

Bank Holiday Sunday Afternoon Experiments #1

Chain channel zap

Chain story


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